Sunday, April 9, 2017

Binion Collection – 1886 Morgan Silver Dollar

Binion Collection – 1886 Morgan Silver Dollar

Binion Collection Population - 2,538 Silver Dollars

Binion Collection – Population statistics for this date/mintmark are interesting in that the 2009 census statistics report 2,548 coins while the 2014 census statistics report 2,538 coins (excluding VAM varieties).  Generally, one would not expect a decrease in the population; however, in this case the decrease may be the reflection of the increase in the number of 1886 VAM coins that have been identified Year 2014 over Year 2009.  VAM coins will be covered in subsequent listings.
While this date/mintmark is not rare, it is also not common and generally brings a slight premium price in auction. The 1886 Binion displayed here has been graded as MS65 by NGC with partial toning on the obverse of the coin while the reverse has an attractive silver brilliance.

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