Sunday, January 22, 2017

Binion Collection - 1878 8TF Morgan Silver Dollar

The Binion Silver Dollar Collection - 1878 8TF Morgan Silver Dollar

Binion Collection Population - 441 Silver Dollars.

Binion Collection - Rare - Only 441 Binion Morgan silver dollars dated 1878 with 8TF have been authenticated and graded by NGC (does not include VAM varieties and “Proof-Like” coins). This coin has a bright silvery appearance almost reaching the blast white plateau but has clatter marks on the obverse (especially around the cheek). The reverse also contains some clatter marks and toning has started at the bottom over "DOLLAR". This coin is graded by NGC as MS62.

 The population statistics are interesting in that the 2014 NGC Statistics show 441 coins graded and authenticated as non-variety 8TF Morgan’s while the NGC October 2009 report shows a census of 428 coins.  The 13-coin difference is insignificant over-all but does support the statement that some Binion’s are being returned to NGC for re-grading.   It would not surprise me if this coin fit in that classification because it is housed in a newer NGC variety holder that was not available when the hoard was first graded.


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