Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Rick's Pedigree Coins – Binion Collection 1888 MS66 VAM-16A Morgan Silver Dollar

The Binion 1888 VAM-16A variety Morgan silver dollar has two characteristics that make it an interesting addition to a Binion silver dollar collection. 


As of the writing of this article, NGC has only authenticated four (4) MS66 silver dollars in the entire population of over 19 million minted 1888 silver dollars as VAM-16A.  No coin with a grade higher than MS66 has been graded/authenticated as a VAM-16A by NGC.  This is a “Hot Top-50” VAM variety.  (Source:  NGC Census on March 24, 2016.)


The October 2009 NGC Census report showed zero coins had been identified with the VAM-16A variety from the Binion Hoard.  However, the January 2014 NGC Census report showed the population as 1 coin and it was graded as an MS65.  This is a good example of how observant collectors are finding and returning rare VAM’s within the Binion Hoard for reclassification.  Further, the example here is an MS66 and would push the population count to 2 silver dollars in the Binion collection with a VAM-16A variety designation.  This coin was an excellent find by an observant Binion collector.   As would be expected and as further support as a new discovery, this coin is encased in a new variety NGC slab as compared to the older traditional slabs used when the Binion hoard was originally authenticated/graded. 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Rick's Pedigree Coins – Binion 1922 VAM-2C Peace Dollar

Collecting rare and/or low population coins for the various “Pedigreed” collections and hoards expands the fun of the hunt.  Many Pedigrees have population reports published (Nevada Silver Collection, GSA CC Silver Dollars, Binion Collection, Fitzgerald Collection, Battle Creek Collection, etc.) so the collector has a check sheet to reference.  In other collections/hoards, the collector has learned that certain type coins are more difficult to find.  For example, the fan of the Omaha Bank Hoard has found that Buffalo Nickels, Mercury Dimes, Walking Liberty Half Dollars and Peace or Morgan Silver Dollars are more difficult to locate and often prized when they are found.
One rare coin from the Binion hoard is the 1922 VAM-2C variety Peace Dollar.  On the one hand, the example is a lower MS grade (MS61) and a pretty ugly coin as shown in the pictures below.  However, on the other hand, the coin has a population of only “1” in the NGC census report for the Binion Hoard.  Even with the coin having less than blazing eye-appeal, the unique population of being the only 1 (presently) from the Hoard has a “premium” appeal for the Binion collector.