Monday, January 25, 2016

Rick’s Pedigree Coins – Binion 1878, 7/8TF, VAM-32 and Fitzgerald 1878, 7TF, Reverse of ‘78

As many of you know, when I retired my activity in the pedigree/hoard coin arena has diminished but I do still retain an interest in the hobby.  Two of my favorite collections are the Binion and Fitzgerald hoards because the collector can assemble a diverse and interesting set.  Although, with the popularity of those two hoards, coins other than common coins are becoming increasingly difficult to locate.  However, recently I found two rarities on auction sites Ebay and GreatCollections and they are shown below:
Binion Collection Population - 1 Silver Dollar.

Binion Collection – Extremely Rare (Unique) – This is another rarest of the rare Morgan silver dollars in two ways.  First, this is the only VAM-32 variety graded and authenticated in the Binion Hoard.  You will find no other; this is it.  Second, NGC has only graded 16 Morgan VAM-32 silver dollars in the entire population of 1878.  It is a Top-100 VAM variety silver dollar.  Binion Source: NGC Census Report 2009 and NGC 2014 Binion Census Report.  VAM-32 Source: NGC Census January 25, 2016.

Fitzgerald Collection Population - 4 Silver Dollars.

With a population of only 4 silver dollars of this variety in the Fitzgerald Collection, this coin is highly sought by the Fitzgerald Collector. Interestingly, all 4 coins have been graded as MS64.
Finding rarities for a pedigree or hoard is what makes the hobby so much fun.  I would enjoy hearing of any unique coins that any readers may have found and if you approve, will be glad to add them to this blog.

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