Thursday, August 13, 2015

Rick's Pedigree Coins – Listings on GreatCollections Auctions – Ten Pedigree Coins with a $1 Starting Bid

GreatCollections Auctions ( has listed over 20 of the coins appearing in my book, “Rick’s Legacy – Pedigree & Hoard / Coins & Currency” in their current auction.  Ten of those pedigrees have a starting bid of $1 with no reserve.  This may be a good chance to pick up a pedigree coin featured in the book at a bargain price.  The following pedigrees are included with the low opening bid price:

Teich Family Collection Morgan Silver Dollar
 Lincoln Highway Hoard Dollar
 Olathe Silver Dollar
 New Orleans Mint Hoard
 Benson Collection Mercury Dime
 Patriot Collection Peace Dollar
 Big Sky Hoard $1 Eisenhower Dollar
 Richmond Collection Buffalo Nickel 
 Richmond Collection $5 Liberty Gold
 McClaren II Morgan Dollar
You can also purchase the pedigree book from GreatCollections.  Quantity discounts are available for collectors that purchased one of the pedigree coins.  

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