Sunday, August 9, 2015

Rick's Pedigree Coins – Coin Pedigrees & Retirement

As many of you noticed, I have been selling the Pedigree coins that appeared in my book, “Rick’s Legacy – Pedigree & Hoard / Coins & Currency” over the past few months.  Some went to friends that I developed through pedigree coin collecting and allowed them to extent their sets.  Others went to fellow pedigree collectors that wanted the opportunity to share in the ownership of a coin featured in the book.  To all I say thank you and wish you the very best.

For the most part, I will be moving on from the pedigree coin collecting field and into retirement.  I am enjoying it (retirement) but finding that even though the US Government took a significant amount of money from me when I was working, they are not all that keen on giving any back.  Maybe I should start a blog about “blood sucking leaches”? 


I am also finding a difference in word terminology.  When I worked, fellow employees liked the “donut holes” that I bought from a local bakery as a treat at the end of a hard week.  Now I am learning that “donut hole” means you pay a lot more for drugs than you did when you were working.  If you are retired, you will understand the pun.

GreatCollections ( has been (and is continuing) to handle the sale of the pedigree coins.  I am not sure where they stand on the sales but think about half are sold.  I am leaving all that up to them.  It is their specialty and they are doing a good job.  I have kept about 6 to 10 coins back because I really like the stories or, for some reason, the coins just interested me.  The rest will be released/listed as GreatCollections determines.  If you are interested in any special coin that appeared in the book, write GreatCollections or me and I can let you know the status of the coin.


I will continue to add a column or two in the blog, but will slow down in the writing/researching efforts.  However, I am not going to cover pedigree coins at the same rate I did in the past and I am not going to give much attention to the fabricated pedigrees that coin dealers, brokers and auction houses are throwing on the market.  When we see the damage these groups are doing to the pedigree hobby, let's be sure to blame the right person. 

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