Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Rick's Pedigree Coins – Binion 1880-S Morgan Silver Dollar

Although I have cut back on my Pedigree coin collecting, one thing that still interest me are coins from the Binion and Fitzgerald hoards that have populations of less than 100 coins within those respective hoards .  And I especially like those with populations of less than 50 "hard" graded coins.  As a reminder, when I talk populations I talk of coins that have not only been authenticated as from the hoards but also received “hard” grades.  My population figures do not include “soft” graded coins designated simply as “Brilliant Uncirculated” or some similar designation.
A Binion 1880-S (NGC MS63) that has a population of only 26 pure graded pieces recently appeared in an Ebay auction.  Even though I have one graded MS62, with a population of only 26 coins, I could not pass up trying for the MS63 coin. 



As you can see, neither coin has great (or even good) eye-appeal when compared to general population coins with similar grades but the low population figures for the date/mintmark within the Binion hoard makes the 1880-S a more difficult coin to find and acquire.

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