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Rick's Pedigree Coins – Coins by Daniel Carr

From time-to-time, fellow pedigree coin collectors tell me about interesting branches of the hobby they have incorporated into their collections.  You may recall an earlier article I wrote about shipwreck coins and how one collector specialized in the 1861-O Seated Liberty half dollar varieties found in the SS Republic recovery.  Along that line I recently had a conversation with another pedigree collector and he told me how he expanded his pedigree collection into including coins/medals/tokens designed and minted by Daniel Carr.

Daniel Carr is an accomplished coin and medal designer that designed the New York and Rhode Island state quarters for the US Mint.  His design submission for the Maine state quarter was also adapted for use on that coin.  His creative talents are also shinning in the designing of coins/medals for clubs and organizations, and this is where my pedigree-collecting friend has developed an interest.  And I must admit that Mr. Carr, along with the assistance of the clients requesting his service, has designed and minted unique and attractive mementos for private organizations.

Coins/medals designed by Mr. Carr are minted at Moonlight Mint in Loveland, Colorado.  Moonlight’s heritage can be traced back to “Clark Gruber & Company”.  Yes, the same Clark Gruber & Company from the gold rush era of the 1860’s.  And adding further royalty to Moonlight’s heritage is they acquired and are still using a Grabener coin press that was manufactured for and used by the US Denver Mint from 1986 to approximately 2001.  In 2001, the press was sold in auction and Moonlight acquired the press in 2007.

In addition to the design and production of coins/medals for clubs and organizations, Mr. Carr has produced fantasy coins (rare US coins and the speculated 1964-D and 1965-D Peace dollars), Clark Gruber coins and mementos, treasure cobs, hard time tokens and other unique specialty items.  A complete listing can be found on their website.

However, my pedigree-collecting friend limited his focus to numismatic associations and coin clubs because of the beautiful and unique designs developed for each organization.  A listing of those along with production figures can be found at:  

Shown below are examples of the medals produced for the Jacksonville, Florida coin club.  They were all graded and authenticated by ANACS and Daniel Carr personally autographed each label.




 Note:  All photo’s courtesy of GreatCollections Auctions (

My friend admitted that finding examples from the various organizations are sometimes a challenge because of the low populations and has had to employ some non-traditional avenues to track the coins down.  Some suggestions he had are:

1.)    Local coin shows in the area where the coin clubs/associations reside.

2.)    When you attend larger/national coin shows, check dealers from the area you are targeting.

3.)    Call coin shops in the city where the organization is located.

4.)    Contact the organization.

5.)    Good old Ebay.

6.)    GreatCollections Auctions.

Information about Moonlight Mint and Daniel Carr was taken from the below listed websites:
Pedigree coin collectors may want to look into adding a Daniel Carr designed coin to their collections.

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