Thursday, June 4, 2015

Rick’s Pedigree Coins – GreatCollections & Pedigree Coins Appearing in Book: "Rick's Legacy - Pedigree & Hoard / Coins & Currency"

I have received numerous inquiries asking if any of the Pedigrees in my book were for sale and I have resisted selling them.  However, some good friends persuaded me to relinquish a few to them and they are very happy to have the prestige of owning a coin appearing in the book.  From here, I decided to let all of them go except for a select few that I am keeping simply because they are my favorites.

First I sold a number through my blog.  Next I offered them for a week or so on Ebay.  And now, they are all in the possession of GreatCollections auctions.  So if anyone has any interest in acquiring one of the coins, watch for them in upcoming GreatCollections auctions.  It may be a few weeks before they appear. 

You can write me if you are interested in any particular coins and I will let you know if they are still available or you can write GreatCollections.  My estimate is that half of the coins are now gone.  One that is still available is the Burghoff Collection.  I have only seen one in my all my years of collecting.  If you are looking for a rare and unique pedigree, you may want to jump on this one.


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