Thursday, April 30, 2015

Rick's Pedigree Coins – Binion Collection 1880 8/7 “O” Top-100 VAM-6 Morgan

Several months ago I wrote a column about the new auction site released by David Lawrence Rare & Certified Coins and suggested that Pedigree collectors give it a look.  Well, if you have been giving it a weekly review then you hit a “home run” this past weekend for rare and more difficult to find Pedigrees.  Some of the Pedigrees featured were from the Highland Collection, Newman Collection, Nevada Silver Collection, Binion Collection, McClaren Collection and Longmire Collection.  But if you missed the DLR&CC auction, it is not too late to pick up a quality coin from some of these collections because many are listed as make-offer or still have a few days remaining in auction time.  A few of the noted Pedigree I found interesting are:

  • Highland Collection:  A great assortment of 1889-CC’s, 1893-CC’s and 1893-S Morgan’s offered in auction and as make-offer.  They also have more difficult Morgan dates 1894 and 1895-O’s.  All are graded by NGC.

  • McClaren Collection:  While coins in the McClaren collection are plentiful and mostly common dates, DLR&CC does have an 1887/6, VAM-2, Morgan graded MS63 by NGC that is an interesting variety to have in a Pedigree collection.  This coin would add some respect to an otherwise “ho hum” McClaren collection. 
  • Nevada Silver Collection:  The Nevada Silver Collection is supposedly the Walking Liberty half dollar variety from the Binion Hoard and a favorite of many collectors.  DLR&CC has a couple MS67’s (NGC) in auction that are stunning.

  • Binion Collection:  An 1880 8/7 New Orleans Top-100 VAM-6 Morgan silver dollar from the Binion Hoard.  The NGC Census Report shows that there were only 2, 1880 8/7 New Orleans Top-100 VAM-6 Morgan silver dollars found in the Binion stash.  With a hoard population of only 2 coins, any Binion collector would go all in to catch this rarity.

1880 8/7 New Orleans Top-100 VAM-6 Morgan
 I will offer my readers two bits of advice if you decide to use the DLR&CC auction site.  First, do not wait until the last 15 minutes or less to sign in for an auction.  Much like the old Teletrade site, it is very busy in the closing session and you may not get in.  Second, don’t wait until the last second to bid and try to snipe a coin.  You may not get your bid placed in time and even if you did, the clock has some time added back on it to give competitors a fair advantage in bidding.  The web address for DLR&CC is:  . 

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