Friday, February 13, 2015

Rick's Pedigree Coins – CoinWeek

For those following my blog on Pedigree coins, I have started to write for CoinWeek and my column should run every couple of weeks.  You can find CoinWeek at the following link:

A search engine appears in the upper right side of the page and if you type in my last name my articles will appear.  From there you can select the one that interest you; either the latest or one in the past. 
My writings for CoinWeek will be limited to Pedigree coins so I will continue to publish my blog – both the same stories appearing in CoinWeek and other articles.  I like the flexibility that the blog gives me in selecting a topic that may be other than Pedigree focused but still interesting to collectors.  I am thrilled by the opportunity to write for CoinWeek because it greatly broadens the audience to educate and promote Pedigrees.

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