Friday, February 13, 2015

Rick's Pedigree Coins – Binion Collection – White Labels – Standing Liberty Quarter

The Binion collector is used to seeing the common NGC green cowboy label on the slab for his coin.  However, occasionally, the traditional NGC white label will appear instead of the Binion cowboy label making the collector wonder “what’s up?”  Here is a little insider information for you:

First, go the NGC link shown below to verify the coin is a legitimate Binion Collection coin.

The NGC verification system will tell you if it is a legitimate Binion or not.  If the verification system does not say it is a Binion and the label indicates that it is, contact NGC.

So you found it is a legitimate Binion coin, but why the white label?  All the Binion coins originally graded/authenticated by NGC were encapsulated with the famous green cowboy label.  However, the following conditions resulted in some coins receiving white labels:

1.)    It may have been returned to NGC for re-holdering and NGC was out of the green cowboy labels or the customer failed to specify they wanted the cowboy label.

2.)    It was authenticated after the original/initial Binion grading/authenticating process.

But not to worry if this bothers you.  The last time I checked with NGC they still have the green cowboy labels and for a modest fee ($10 last June – 2014) they would re-slab the Binion for you.

Shown below is a 1930-S Standing Liberty Quarter from the Binion Collection in a white label.  Note that it has no grade on the label.  This is the first and only Standing Liberty Quarter that I have seen from the Binion hoard.  

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