Saturday, January 17, 2015

Rick's Pedigree Coins – Rainy Day Collection – Another Personal Collection

The “Rainy Day Collection” made its auction debut in February 2000 in a Kingswood Coin Auction (February 16-17, 2000).  A press release on January 10, 2000, contained the following information:

“Have you put anything away for a rainy day? Well, one collector did, and Kingswood XII is pleased to offer the "Rainy Day Collection," a large sampling of $20 pieces that focus on Carson City issues. There's also the ultra-rare 1885 in MS63, the finest graded 1893-CC and much more in the $20 Liberty section. The $20 St. Gaudens offering is highlighted by a 1910-S in MS66, a 1911-S in MS66, a resplendent 1924 in MS67 and the rare 1931 in MS65.”

Every coin I have seen listed in auctions or by coin brokers from the “Rainy Day Collection” has been graded by PCGS.  While many are from the Carson City mint, I have also observed coins minted at the New Orleans, Philadelphia and San Francisco mints.  Additionally, most of the coins I have seen are double eagles but again there have been some eagles and $5 gold pieces observed.
Shown below is an example of a “Rainy Day Collection” Double Eagle that appeared in a recent Great Collections auction (

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