Monday, January 12, 2015

Rick's Pedigree Coins – North Shore Collection

The “North Shore Collection” was a personal collection originally brought to public auction at the January 2004 FUN Signature Auction.  The press release at the time announced the public offering as:

“Heritage is privileged to present the North Shore Collection as a part of the January 2004 FUN Signature Auction. This is perhaps the finest collection we have ever had the opportunity to handle, with a tremendous combination of rarity, quality, and value.

The North Shore Collection was assembled by the Chairman of a large, well-established New York manufacturing company, who resides on the "Gold Coast" on the North Shore of Long Island. His passions are his family, philanthropy, and his world-class collection of US gold rarities.”

A review of some of the examples in that collection at the time of the auction show many to be graded by both NGC and PCGS, but none of the slabs reflected the collection name on the label.  For the time period, this is not uncommon.  Sometimes collectors/dealers that purchased the coins returned them to PCGS/NGC for the collection notation to be applied to the label.  Of course, chain-of-evidence documentation is required.   Most of the coins from the auction now reside in private collections with only a few found from time to time in the public market place with the collection name noted on the label.

Shown below is a rare 1929-D Standing Liberty from that collection currently offered by David Lawrence Auctions & Sales (  Fortunately, the coin was graded by PCGS with the pedigree heritage noted on the label.  Thanks to David Lawrence Auctions & Sales for allowing use of the photo.    

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