Monday, January 5, 2015

Rick's Pedigree Coins – Key West Collection

The following is taken from PCGS’s set registry:

“About this set:  The Key West Collection represents a continuing "work in progress", of PCGS graded Morgan Dollars. Many PCGS coins, to this day, are continually being sought to complete, upgrade and enhance the Key West Collection. Many of the coins included in the collection are PL and DMPL examples which exhibit outstanding strikes, excellent luster and stunning eye-appealing characteristics for their respective dates and mintmarks. Obviously, finer examples exist, however, the Key West Collection represents many enjoyable hours of reading, researching and viewing many, many Morgan Dollars. The "trip" to completion of the Key West Collection is, and has been, a very gratifying and exciting experience as every coin represents a special story unto itself. It is hoped that the viewer of the Key West Collection will enjoy and appreciate this Morgan Dollar collection as much as it has been, and continues to be, to collect, assemble, and share this Collection via the PCGS Registry Set site.”

I have observed several coins from this collection and they are some of the most beautiful and well-struck Morgan silver dollars that I have seen.  Every coin (46 in total) that I have seen in auction has been graded by PCGS. 
Shown below is a 1900-O/CC Morgan from the Key West Collection that recently appeared in a Great Collections auction (  Photo courtesy of Great Collections.

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