Monday, December 22, 2014

Rick's Pedigree Coins – 2015 FUN Show – January 8 thru 11, 2015

Florida United Numismatics 2015 Winter FUN show will be held January 8-11 in Orlando FL at the Orange County Convention Center.  Details on the show can be reviewed at the following website:

Selected coins from my books, “Rick’s Legacy – Pedigree & Hoard / Coins & Currency” and “Fitzgerald Silver Dollar Collection – The Purple Gang Set”, will be on display in the Exhibits’ section of the FUN convention hall.  
This is one of the “must do” shows if you are interested in numismatics. 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Rick's Pedigree Coins – Buying Opportunities For Some Pedigree Coins

Do you think the market is soft for Pedigree coins?  To me, it appears that the market has become soft and the Pedigree collector may have an opportunity to pick up some of the higher “intrinsic value” gold coins at a bargain.  For example, one of my favorite (but lesser known) pedigrees is the Champagne Lanson collection/hoard.  Since I cover this story in my book, I will not go into detail on the pedigree other than to say it is one of the most interesting “newly discovered” finds in the last few years.  And when you consider:

1.)    the intrinsic value of the coin (the raw gold value)

2.)    the market value for a similar non-pedigree coin, and

3.)    the collectible value (premium over intrinsic for a comparable date/mintmark coin)
you will find that the purchase price for the pedigree coin contains little premium for the pedigree.   

I have also seen bargains in the Rive d’Or Collection, Wells Fargo Hoard and Suwannee River Collection.  While these pedigrees do not have as interesting stories as the Champagne Lanson Collection, they are still nice additions to a pedigree collection when you can get them for no premium addition to the purchase price.
As a word of caution, not all gold pedigree coins are bargains.  Some are still priced well above realistic market pricing - - and they are not being purchased.  This is more of a reflection of the sellers’ philosophy than the market “buying” conditions.