Sunday, November 9, 2014

Rick's Pedigree Coins – 1976-D Eisenhower Dollar – Golden Nugget Casino - Coin of the Week

My coin of the week is the 1976-D Bicentennial “Ike” Eisenhower Dollar from the Golden Nugget stash that was brought to market about a year ago.  While this coin does not have the intrigue of other Las Vegas hoards like the Binion, Fitzgerald or Cortez collections, it still has developed a following of loyal collectors.  As a result of these collectors, the Golden Nugget Casino coins generally bring an attractive premium when appearing in auctions.

ICG was the principle grader/authenticator of the hoard except for a few coins that were submitted to PCGS.  Collectors can thank ICG for placing the Golden Nugget Casino name on the label thus protecting the authenticity Pedigree.  Unfortunately, the few that went to PCGS were not Pedigree noted as Golden Nugget Casino; however, they do have a certificate of authentication linking the PCGS slab number to the authentic Golden Nugget Casino dollar.

As a final note, many of these coins have some unbelievable toning.  I am not sure how this toning developed, but if these coins were silver I believe they would surpass the Battle Creek Collection in beauty.
Shown below is a 1976-D Bicentennial “Ike” Eisenhower Dollar from the Golden Nugget Casino hoard graded by ICG as an MS64.

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