Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Rick's Pedigree Coins – Rocky Mountain Hoard

The Rocky Mountain Hoard is/was a hoard of Morgan silver dollars owned by a private collector in Colorado.  Coins I have seen from this Hoard have been graded and authenticated by ANACS.  I have never seen any in NGC or PCGS slabs.

The Rocky Mountain Hoard is very similar to the Lincoln Highway hoard although not as plentiful.  From time to time, silver dollars from this hoard appear on Ebay.  So if you would like to add one to your pedigree collection, keep an eye on Ebay listings. 
Shown below is an 1882-S Rocky Mountain Hoard Morgan silver dollar graded by ANACS as MS67 that is currently listed on Ebay.  For easy reference, it is item:  121447659227
Photo couresy of Ebay seller: 2013jasper0911

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