Friday, October 3, 2014

Rick's Pedigree Coins – Population Reports for Pedigree Coins

Population reports (or sometimes referred to as “census reports”) for pedigree coins give the pedigree collector an advantage in buying and selling coins within their favorite pedigree.  The Pedigree that is generally the most active in “pricing the market” based upon populations is the GSA’s Carson City release.  The population report is well distributed and buyers and sellers understand and utilize the population report for evaluating pricing premiums.

Three other pedigree collections that have population reports, but are yet to capitalize on the population statistics are the Binion Collection, the Fitzgerald Collection and the Nevada Silver Collection.  Now there are some astute and educated buyers/sellers that are aware of the relative scarcity of date/mintmarks in the hoards but for the most part the common pedigree collector has not caught on yet. 

Two recent examples from the Binion hoard are the 1879 and 1884-O Morgan silver dollars.  The 1879 Binion has a population of 2 “hard” graded coins from the hoard.  I purchased one graded as MS62 for $67.  The 1884-O Binion has a population of 4,234 “hard graded” coins from the hoard.  One graded as MS63 just sold on Ebay a few days ago for $69.  So, you could choose a Binion coin with a population of 2 for $67 or a Binion coin with a population of over 4,000 for $69?
Education and population reports are great tools for the Pedigree collector in assessing acquisitions.  The latest Fitzgerald Collection population report is included in my book Fitzgerald Silver Dollar Collection – “The Purple Gang Set”.

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