Thursday, October 9, 2014

Rick’s Pedigree Coins – New York Subway Hoard 1996 - Littleton Coin Company

New York Subway Hoard 1996

Another long, lost hoard is the New York Subway Hoard that was brought to market in 1996 – long before the popularity of NGC, ICG, ANACS and PCGS identifying coin hoards on labels.  The history of the hoard is shown below and comes from a Littleton Coin Company press release:

“For years, a certain New York subway token seller sifted through change seeking scarce coins. Many coins were marketed through George Shaw, a rare coin dealer. After Shaw's death, Littleton Coin buyers acquired the many coins, including Type I 1916 Standing Liberty quarters, 1916-D Mercury dimes, 1914-D Lincoln cents, and other key‑date coins.”

Unfortunately, the Pedigree collector lost the heritage of many interesting hoards because the coin collecting hobby had not yet advanced (or recognized) the preservation of the history that is now offered by NGC, ICG, ANACS and PCGS.

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