Friday, October 31, 2014

Rick’s Pedigree Coins – “New England Barn Hoard” Currency

Not much has been written (or documented) about The New England Barn Hoard and most of it is “hand-me-down” information, but here is what I know of the Hoard:

Supposedly, the currency being offered came from this property. 

All the examples I have seen have been authenticated and graded by PCGS with the pedigree notation “New England Barn” Hoard, carry the “Apparent” designation indicating grading problems, were dated 1914 and carried the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston seal.  That is not to say that other dates and Federal Reserve Bank seals may be included in the Hoard.

The following photo is courtesy of Denom currency dealer.  Denom is marketing notes from this hoard as well as many other interesting currency hoards and collections.

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