Saturday, October 25, 2014

Rick's Pedigree Coins – 1896 Fitzgerald Morgan Silver Dollar - Coin of the Week

 The availability of Fitzgerald silver dollars to the collector fall into 3 groups:  rare, semi-rare and plentiful.  I consider anything with a population of 50 to 100 coins to be semi-rare.  The 1896 Fitzgerald Morgan has a population of 98 coins that allows it to slip in the semi-rare classification.  While it is not scarce, it is a little more difficult to find and does not often appear in auctions.

I like the rare and semi-rare coins in the Fitzgerald collection for the simple reason that not many are available to the collector and as the population report for the hoard becomes more well known the Fitzgerald collector should start appreciating the harder to find coins.  My thought is to get them know before everyone figures out the scarcity.
Shown below is an example from the 1896 date/mintmark category from the Fitzgerald Collection.

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