Sunday, October 12, 2014

Rick's Pedigree Coins – 1879-O Fitzgerald Collection Morgan Silver Dollar - Coin of the Week

My coin of the week is the 1879-O Morgan silver dollar from the Fitzgerald Collection.  While I am the proud owner and high bidder in a recent auction for this coin, I had to pay dearly thanks to some very informed collectors that used the population report in my book “Fitzgerald Silver Dollar Collection – The Purple Gang Set” to identify this jewel and gave me some very healthy competition to acquire it. 

The 1879-O Morgan silver dollar from the Fitzgerald Collection is an extremely difficult coin for the Fitzgerald collector to find.  There were no “hard” graded 1879-O Morgans in this collection.  That means the only possibilities for an 1879-O in the Fitzgerald Collection would have to be either “soft” graded or simply authenticated.  Shown below is a “soft” graded 1879-O Fitzgerald classified as “Brilliant Uncirculated”.  The obverse and reverse of this coin have a solid strike with MS63 qualities.  Minimal bag or clatter marks appear on the obverse and none on the reverse.  This is the first and only 1879-O Fitzgerald that I have seen in any grading classification; “hard” graded, “soft” graded or simply authenticated from the Fitzgerald Hoard.  Good luck at finding this date/mintmark for your collection.

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