Thursday, September 18, 2014

Rick’s Pedigree Coins – The Stetson Collection Gold Coin Hoard

COINLINK Coin Collecting News had a very interesting and thorough article on The Stetson Gold Coin Hoard on March 5, 2010, written by Doug Winter.  I am quoting part of the article below:

“One of the more interesting (and lesser known) gold coin auctions that I’ve attended was the sale of the Stetson Collection which was conducted by the old Bowers and Merena in May, 1993. This was an instance where the back story (or stories in this case) was nearly as interesting as the coins themselves.

Beginning in 1992, an amazing hoard of gold coins started to quietly enter the market. This hoard consisted of tens of thousands of coins dated from the late 1830’s through, I believe, the 1920’s. It included large quantities of semi-key St. Gaudens double eagles, extensive runs of Carson City eagles and double eagles, large quantities of New Orleans eagles from the 1880’s through the early 1900’s, sizable quantities of San Francisco rarities and much, much more.

It has never been revealed where these coins came from (although it is widely rumored that they came from an Eastern European central bank; given the time they were sold it would suggest that they were dispersed by a former Soviet bloc country in an attempt to infuse some Western capital).”

The complete article can be found at:

For years, I have tried to locate a coin from the Stetson Collection graded by NCG or PCGS with a label reference but have never found one. 

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