Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Rick’s Pedigree Coins – Ebay Return Policy – Selling Coins on Ebay

Okay, one more shot at Ebay and then I will get back to Pedigree coins. 

In addition to the excessive seller fees that the coin seller is faced with on Ebay, they are also faced with an unrealistic and poorly thought out return policy if they want preferred selling status.  Basically, what Ebay wants to force on the sellers is a 14-day no questions asked return policy. 

Here are a few reasons (experiences) why this is a poor policy:

1.)    The buyer has an opportunity to purchase a coin and then if he finds it cheaper within the 2 week period from another source (on Ebay, at a coin show or in a coin shop), he returns it for refund.  

2.)    The fluctuation of gold and silver prices make this policy idiotic.

3.)    A buyer has the opportunity to “load-up” on inventory and then attend local coin shows and flip for a profit.  What he does not flip gets returned to the Ebay seller.

4.)    Buyer’s remorse.  What about the remorse of the seller who could have sold it to the next highest bidder but after the coin is returned 2 weeks or more pass and the next highest bidder has moved on to other interests?
The dynamics of the coin market simply make this return policy stupid.  I have purchased coins through the mail for years and I can safely say that when I open a package, I know immediately if it is acceptable (as advertised and viewed in photos) or not.  Two weeks are not needed for that decision.  Two minutes, maybe.   

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