Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Rick’s Pedigree Coins – Wizard Coin Supply - Rick’s Legacy “Pedigree & Hoard / Coins & Currency” and Fitzgerald Silver Dollar Collection – “The Purple Gang Set”

Rick’s Legacy – Pedigree & Hoard / Coins & Currency

 Fitzgerald Silver Dollar Collection – “The Purple Gang Set”

I am delighted to announce that both my books will be available from Wizard Coin Supply.  Wizard Coin Supply is a national coin supply company located in Virginia and provides extensive mail order service.   They also attend many of the coin shows in the eastern USA, so be sure and look for their booth if you attend one in your area. 

The initial shipment of my books are en route to Wizard and will soon be available for direct order on their website:


Wizard supplies a wide range of support products for the coin collector, so be sure to give their website a look for your coin collecting needs.

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