Saturday, June 21, 2014

Rick’s Pedigree Coins – Tamaracian Collection

What is the Tamaracian Collection?  I don’t know but I think it is/was the personal collection of a numismatic enthusiasts.  From time-to-time I  have seen coins from this collection in various auctions and all have been gold pieces.  Also, all were authenticated by NGC and many contained some type of non-grading notation like “Cleaned” “Details” etc. 

As a “heads-up” to fellow pedigree collectors, this weekend there is an excellent selection of coins from this collection listed on GreatCollections auctions.  What I especially like about the GreatCollections’ offering is many coins contain real grades like AU58 or MS62.  Not that I am biased against cleaned coins, but if I had a choice I would select a coin with a clear title.

If you are interested in a coin from this collection, don't pass up this opportunity.  Just go to GreatCollections at the link shown below and use their search engine by inserting Tamaracian Collection.


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