Sunday, June 1, 2014

Rick’s Pedigree Coins – Nevada - Pedigrees that can be traced to Nevada

Nevada is “Number 1” when it comes to Pedigree coins.  How can you top:

The Binion Hoard/Collection
The Fitzgerald Hoard/Collection
The Cortez Collection
The GSA Carson City Silver Dollars
The Carson City Collection (1890-CC)
The Carson City Hoard
The Wells Fargo Hoard
The Samaszko Hoard
The Nevada Silver Collection
The Golden Nugget Casino  
Club Cal-Neva Collection
The Redfield Hoard
The Nevada State Bank Collection
The Las Vegas Collection

And there are so many alternatives to collecting these Pedigrees.  You can collect an example of each Nevada Pedigree or you can collect as many varieties that you can find of a single Nevada Pedigree.  You can also collect other items associated with the Pedigree like casino chips, dice or cards for those having a casino heritage. 
Stay tuned for updates on some of these Pedigrees. Also, if any readers know of a Nevada Pedigree I missed, please send me a note.

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