Monday, June 2, 2014

Rick’s Pedigree Coins – Nevada – NGC Carson City Hoard

In previous posts, I have covered the following Nevada pedigrees:

Binion Collection
Fitzgerald Collection
GSA - Carson City Collection
Redfield Collection
Nevada Silver Collection

So now I will move on to the hoards not discussed yet. But I need your help here because I am having a lot of trouble identifying the heritage of the Carson City Hoard.  My view of the Carson City Hoard is:

The Carson City Hoard is a collection of circulated Morgan silver dollars minted at the Carson City Mint.  All the examples that I have seen were authenticated by NGC as being from the “Carson City Hoard” and none were graded.  

It appears to me that the NGC Carson City Hoard is an attempt to differentiate low-grade, circulated Carson City Dollars from non-pedigreed coins so that the coins can be sold at a premium.  I could not find any heritage or story to justify Pedigree status.

I have no idea if the coins carry a premium because I don’t follow the prices of low-grade Carson City silver dollars.  The only reason I am writing about them is because NGC places a Pedigree name on the label and some followers of my blog asked if I knew anything about them.
As I say, help me out if I am missing something.  Anyone know anything about this hoard?

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