Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Rick’s Pedigree Coins – Nevada Coin Hoards – ICG Cal-Neva Casino

Eight down and the Cal-Neva Casino is up to bat. 

Binion Collection
Fitzgerald Collection
GSA (Carson City)
Redfield Collection
Nevada Silver Collection
Carson City Hoard
Carson City Collection
Golden Nugget Casino  

The Cal-Neva Casino Hoard:

Silver dollars in this collection once belonged to Jack Douglass, a long time gaming pioneer in Nevada and at one time part owner in the Club Cal-Neva in Reno, Nevada.  While most of the silver dollars that I have seen in this collection are common date Morgan’s, availability in the coin market world borders on scarce.  The pricing premium for these coins is difficult to determine because of the market scarcity and seems to be dependent upon market awareness to the collector.  I have seen them sell for hefty premiums and I have seen them sell below market value for non-pedigree coins with similar dates/mintmarks.

A population report for the coin group is not available so it is impossible to determine all the date/mintmarks that are in a set.  It seems the best the collector can expect is to get an example or two for their collection.  ICG is the authenticating agency.


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  1. HI Rick! I just picked up an 1885-O of this set, MS 63, for only $40 on Ebay. I concur with you on all of this and they are hard to find that low!