Sunday, June 8, 2014

Rick’s Pedigree Coins – Nevada Coin Hoards – ICG Golden Nugget Casino

Seven down and the Golden Nugget Casino is up to bat. 

Binion Collection
Fitzgerald Collection
GSA (Carson City)
Redfield Collection
Nevada Silver Collection
Carson City Hoard
Carson City Collection

The Golden Nugget Casino Hoard: 

During the 1970’s when Morgan and Peace silver dollars were no longer available for Nevada casino slot use, they were replaced by casino tokens and Eisenhower dollars.  The Golden Nugget reserved some Eisenhower dollars with better eye-appeal to give as gifts to “high rollers” but they found the coins were not cherished by the recipients but spent.  So, the practice was discontinued and the coins remained in storage.  As the story goes, the remaining 150 coins were eventually sold to a respected customer and passed down in his family.  In 2013, the owner of the coins had them graded and authenticated by ICG and then consigned for sale.  ICG applied the inscription “Golden Nugget Casino” to the label as authenticity protection for the buyer.  
Due to the relatively low population of coins available, Eisenhower dollars from this hoard are extremely rare and very popular with collectors.  They are infrequently seen in auctions or in the coin market and when they are found, they often carry an acquisition premium.

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