Friday, June 6, 2014

Rick’s Pedigree Coins – Fitzgerald Silver Dollar Collection “The Purple Gang Set”

Printing of my latest book, Fitzgerald Silver Dollar Collection “The Purple Gang Set” is now complete and shipping will start next week.  The first distributor scheduled to receive the new book is Great Collections.  As with my last book, the first 25 books printed were signed and numbered so if you want one of these special books, contact Great Collections and make your request.  They are scheduled to receive signed & numbered books 10 thru 19.  They will also receive books not numbered.

This book is a “must have” for the Fitzgerald silver dollar collector because it contains a population report for the collection.  For the first time, the collector can determine rarity and make an education decision on the premium they are willing to pay for a coin.  For example, last week I purchased two coins with the help of this guide.
The first coin:  Fitzgerald 1897 MS64

Fitzgerald Collection Population - 16 Silver Dollars

The 1897 Fitzgerald Morgan silver dollar is a very difficult coin to find with only 16 known examples in the collection (11 MS63’s and 5 MS64’s). This coin is a beautiful MS64 with minimal contact marks and great eye appearance.

The second coin:  Fitzgerald 1880-S MS65PL
 Fitzgerald Collection Population - 1 Silver Dollar.

While there were 607 Fitzgerald 1880-S Morgan silver dollars in the graded population, there was only 1, 1880-S graded as MS65 PL and this is that coin.

I purchased two other difficult to find Fitzgerald silver dollars from Great Collections that I will cover in a future report.  I hesitate to invite competition, but if you are not using Great Collections auctions, you are passing on an excellent opportunity.

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