Thursday, June 26, 2014

Rick’s Pedigree Coins – 2014 Summer FUN Show in Orlando, Florida

I have been blessed with the opportunity to be a guest lecturer at the prestigious Summer FUN (Florida United Numismatics) Coin Show in Orlando, Florida.  My presentation is scheduled for 12:30 PM, July 12, and will focus on key pedigreed coins in my book “Pedigree & Hoard / Coins & Currency”.    

If you are in the area or attending the FUN show, stop in and provide me with some support.  It would be great to have some friendly pedigree collectors in the audience.

First Book - Published January 2014 
Second Book - Published June 2014

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Rick’s Pedigree Coins – Tamaracian Collection

What is the Tamaracian Collection?  I don’t know but I think it is/was the personal collection of a numismatic enthusiasts.  From time-to-time I  have seen coins from this collection in various auctions and all have been gold pieces.  Also, all were authenticated by NGC and many contained some type of non-grading notation like “Cleaned” “Details” etc. 

As a “heads-up” to fellow pedigree collectors, this weekend there is an excellent selection of coins from this collection listed on GreatCollections auctions.  What I especially like about the GreatCollections’ offering is many coins contain real grades like AU58 or MS62.  Not that I am biased against cleaned coins, but if I had a choice I would select a coin with a clear title.

If you are interested in a coin from this collection, don't pass up this opportunity.  Just go to GreatCollections at the link shown below and use their search engine by inserting Tamaracian Collection.


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Rick’s Pedigree Coins – Fitzgerald Silver Dollar Collection “The Purple Gang Set” is Now Available!

My second book, Fitzgerald Silver Dollar Collection “The Purple Gang Set” has arrived at Great Collections and is available for purchase.  If you do not see it listed, shoot them an email and they can arrange for your purchase.  There are NO BUYER FEES attached to the purchase of my book at Great Collections like you experience at other auction houses.  

In case you have not used Great Collections for your coin search, you would be wise to check the site out.  They offer great coins at reasonable prices with low buyer fees and shipping rates.

My first book is still available at Great Collections as well as on Ebay and Amazon.  It is also available at many Florida coin shows.  If you are going to attend a coin show in Florida, contact the show chairman and ask what time I will be attending for a signing. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Rick’s Pedigree Coins – Nevada Coin Hoards – GSA PCGS & NGC Carson City

In March of 1964, the Treasury Department stopped the flow of silver dollars at face value to the public. When that happened they still had approximately 3 million Silver Dollars in their possession. The majority of those were minted at the Carson City (Nevada) mint. Nothing was done with the hoard until late 1971 when they were turned over to the General Services Administration to be sold. Up until that time, Carson City silver dollars were scarce in uncirculated condition. From 1972 to 1980, the GSA conducted a number of sales to the general public of the surplus coins.

These coins first appeared in GSA holders and were not graded. While the GSA holders were good for display or presentation purposes, they were not well received by coin dealers and collectors because they were bulky and hard to store. Many were cracked open and the silver dollars either sold without the cases or replaced with PCGS or NGC holders.  The “cracking” practice of the original holders has created an interesting demand for the original GSA holders in the market. Both PCGS and NGC have now started grading the coins in the original cases and applying authenticating/grading labels to the exterior.  For accuracy I should mention that ANACS has also graded some GSA Carson City dollars and I would suspect that ICG has as well, but NGC and PCGS are the major players by far. 

The GSA Carson City silver dollars remain very popular with collectors and do quite well in auctions. On a positive point for the pedigree collector, the overall increase in availability of the coins has made the Carson City dollars more affordable for collectors that otherwise may not have been able to afford one – or even find one.
Note:  This major GSA sale has been called the GSA Carson City sale/hoard/collection; however, there were approximately 125,000 silver dollars from other mints involved in the sale. The other coins include Peace and Morgan silver dollars from the New Orleans, Philadelphia and San Francisco mints.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Rick’s Pedigree Coins – Nevada Coin Hoards – PCGS & NGC Nevada Wells Fargo Hoard

Nine down and the Wells Fargo Hoard is up to bat. 

Binion Collection
Fitzgerald Collection
GSA (Carson City)
Redfield Collection
Nevada Silver Collection
Carson City Hoard
Carson City Collection
Golden Nugget Casino
The Cal-Neva Casino

Nevada Wells Fargo Hoard:

The Nevada Wells Fargo Hoard contains over 15,000 “No Motto” 1908 St. Gaudens double eagles.  In 1917, a private owner acquired the $20 double eagles and they were stored for over 50 years.  The double eagles were inventoried in the early 1970’s and after inspection went back into storage for almost another 30 years.  In 1996, the owner sold the 1908 St. Gaudens hoard to Spectrum Numismatics.  The transaction took place in a large walk-in vault at a Wells Fargo bank in Nevada – thus the name.
After the acquisition, Spectrum contacted NGC and PCGS to authenticate and grade the coins. As far as I have been able to determine, these are the only 2 numismatic grading agencies that participated in the acquisition authentication.  Both companies identified the pedigree on the slab label.  Because of the storage and handling, most coins received very high MS grades and have exceptional eye-appeal.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Rick’s Pedigree Coins – Presentation at the Ancient City Coin Club of St. Augustine FL

I will be making a presentation at the Ancient City Coin Club of St. Augustine FL meeting on June 16th.  My presentation will cover my book:  “Rick’s Legacy – Pedigree & Hoard / Coins & Currency” and a discussion on Pedigree coins.   

If you are in the area, please feel free to stop by and join the Club for an enjoyable evening.    

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Rick’s Pedigree Coins – Nevada Coin Hoards – ICG Cal-Neva Casino

Eight down and the Cal-Neva Casino is up to bat. 

Binion Collection
Fitzgerald Collection
GSA (Carson City)
Redfield Collection
Nevada Silver Collection
Carson City Hoard
Carson City Collection
Golden Nugget Casino  

The Cal-Neva Casino Hoard:

Silver dollars in this collection once belonged to Jack Douglass, a long time gaming pioneer in Nevada and at one time part owner in the Club Cal-Neva in Reno, Nevada.  While most of the silver dollars that I have seen in this collection are common date Morgan’s, availability in the coin market world borders on scarce.  The pricing premium for these coins is difficult to determine because of the market scarcity and seems to be dependent upon market awareness to the collector.  I have seen them sell for hefty premiums and I have seen them sell below market value for non-pedigree coins with similar dates/mintmarks.

A population report for the coin group is not available so it is impossible to determine all the date/mintmarks that are in a set.  It seems the best the collector can expect is to get an example or two for their collection.  ICG is the authenticating agency.


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Rick’s Pedigree Coins – Nevada Coin Hoards – ICG Golden Nugget Casino

Seven down and the Golden Nugget Casino is up to bat. 

Binion Collection
Fitzgerald Collection
GSA (Carson City)
Redfield Collection
Nevada Silver Collection
Carson City Hoard
Carson City Collection

The Golden Nugget Casino Hoard: 

During the 1970’s when Morgan and Peace silver dollars were no longer available for Nevada casino slot use, they were replaced by casino tokens and Eisenhower dollars.  The Golden Nugget reserved some Eisenhower dollars with better eye-appeal to give as gifts to “high rollers” but they found the coins were not cherished by the recipients but spent.  So, the practice was discontinued and the coins remained in storage.  As the story goes, the remaining 150 coins were eventually sold to a respected customer and passed down in his family.  In 2013, the owner of the coins had them graded and authenticated by ICG and then consigned for sale.  ICG applied the inscription “Golden Nugget Casino” to the label as authenticity protection for the buyer.  
Due to the relatively low population of coins available, Eisenhower dollars from this hoard are extremely rare and very popular with collectors.  They are infrequently seen in auctions or in the coin market and when they are found, they often carry an acquisition premium.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Rick’s Pedigree Coins – Fitzgerald Silver Dollar Collection “The Purple Gang Set”

Printing of my latest book, Fitzgerald Silver Dollar Collection “The Purple Gang Set” is now complete and shipping will start next week.  The first distributor scheduled to receive the new book is Great Collections.  As with my last book, the first 25 books printed were signed and numbered so if you want one of these special books, contact Great Collections and make your request.  They are scheduled to receive signed & numbered books 10 thru 19.  They will also receive books not numbered.

This book is a “must have” for the Fitzgerald silver dollar collector because it contains a population report for the collection.  For the first time, the collector can determine rarity and make an education decision on the premium they are willing to pay for a coin.  For example, last week I purchased two coins with the help of this guide.
The first coin:  Fitzgerald 1897 MS64

Fitzgerald Collection Population - 16 Silver Dollars

The 1897 Fitzgerald Morgan silver dollar is a very difficult coin to find with only 16 known examples in the collection (11 MS63’s and 5 MS64’s). This coin is a beautiful MS64 with minimal contact marks and great eye appearance.

The second coin:  Fitzgerald 1880-S MS65PL
 Fitzgerald Collection Population - 1 Silver Dollar.

While there were 607 Fitzgerald 1880-S Morgan silver dollars in the graded population, there was only 1, 1880-S graded as MS65 PL and this is that coin.

I purchased two other difficult to find Fitzgerald silver dollars from Great Collections that I will cover in a future report.  I hesitate to invite competition, but if you are not using Great Collections auctions, you are passing on an excellent opportunity.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Rick’s Pedigree Coins – Nevada – NGC & PCGS Carson City Collection

So now we have covered what I know of these Nevada hoards:

Binion Collection
Fitzgerald Collection
GSA (Carson City)
Redfield Collection
Nevada Silver Collection
Carson City Hoard

Next up, the Carson City Collection. And again I am asking fellow Pedigree collectors to provide additional information or correct me if something is wrong with my assessment of the Carson City Collection.  My view of the Carson City Collection is:

Someone assembled a bunch of 1890-CC Morgan silver dollars in uncirculated condition and requested NGC and PCGS to apply the pedigree name “Carson City Collection” to the label. 
As I say, help me out if I am missing something.  Anyone know anything about this hoard?

Monday, June 2, 2014

Rick’s Pedigree Coins – Nevada – NGC Carson City Hoard

In previous posts, I have covered the following Nevada pedigrees:

Binion Collection
Fitzgerald Collection
GSA - Carson City Collection
Redfield Collection
Nevada Silver Collection

So now I will move on to the hoards not discussed yet. But I need your help here because I am having a lot of trouble identifying the heritage of the Carson City Hoard.  My view of the Carson City Hoard is:

The Carson City Hoard is a collection of circulated Morgan silver dollars minted at the Carson City Mint.  All the examples that I have seen were authenticated by NGC as being from the “Carson City Hoard” and none were graded.  

It appears to me that the NGC Carson City Hoard is an attempt to differentiate low-grade, circulated Carson City Dollars from non-pedigreed coins so that the coins can be sold at a premium.  I could not find any heritage or story to justify Pedigree status.

I have no idea if the coins carry a premium because I don’t follow the prices of low-grade Carson City silver dollars.  The only reason I am writing about them is because NGC places a Pedigree name on the label and some followers of my blog asked if I knew anything about them.
As I say, help me out if I am missing something.  Anyone know anything about this hoard?

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Rick’s Pedigree Coins – Nevada - Pedigrees that can be traced to Nevada

Nevada is “Number 1” when it comes to Pedigree coins.  How can you top:

The Binion Hoard/Collection
The Fitzgerald Hoard/Collection
The Cortez Collection
The GSA Carson City Silver Dollars
The Carson City Collection (1890-CC)
The Carson City Hoard
The Wells Fargo Hoard
The Samaszko Hoard
The Nevada Silver Collection
The Golden Nugget Casino  
Club Cal-Neva Collection
The Redfield Hoard
The Nevada State Bank Collection
The Las Vegas Collection

And there are so many alternatives to collecting these Pedigrees.  You can collect an example of each Nevada Pedigree or you can collect as many varieties that you can find of a single Nevada Pedigree.  You can also collect other items associated with the Pedigree like casino chips, dice or cards for those having a casino heritage. 
Stay tuned for updates on some of these Pedigrees. Also, if any readers know of a Nevada Pedigree I missed, please send me a note.