Thursday, May 15, 2014

Rick’s Pedigree Coins – Fitzgerald Silver Dollar Population Report - Fitzgerald Silver Dollar Collection “The Purple Gang Set”

The most exciting thing about my book, Fitzgerald Silver Dollar Collection “The Purple Gang Set”, is that it includes a population report for the collection.  For the first time, the Fitzgerald collector will have valuable statistical information to determine the rarity of certain date/mintmark coins in the hoard – and a basis to determine the premium that should be paid for the coins.  This is important because many “Ebay Scalpers” are showing coins at 300% to 400% over market value claiming coins are rare for the Collection when they are some of the more common coins available.  Examples:

1879-S                        1880-S       1881-O            1881-S                 1885
These are all quite common coins yet are promoted by a few Ebay sellers as rare in the Fitzgerald Collection .   With my population report, the collector can now make fact-based decision on the rarity and value.

On the flip side, the educated collector will now also be able to determine those hidden Fitzgerald jewels that are under valued by their rarity standards.  Believe me, opportunities for grabbing some low population coins exist.  I usually use the 100 population count as the threshold.  If a coin is offered with less than 100 known, I will probably go for it.  For example, I think the 1880 P is a great coin with a population of only 45 coins in the Collection.  This coin has been trading at very little or no premium which makes it a very economical coin.  Other coins that look economically attractive are the Fitzgerald 1896, 1898 and 1921.  The 1921 (Morgan) Fitzgerald appears to be a real sleeper with a population of 100 silver dollars.
As a “heads-up”, please read in my book how the population report was prepared and note that it does not include “soft graded” or “non-graded / authenticated” coins.  It only includes Fitzgerald silver dollars that received real numismatic “hard grades” in the traditional format.    

1880 Fitzgerald - Population 45 Silver Dollars

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