Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Rick’s Pedigree Coins – 1887 Fitzgerald Silver Dollar Collection – Fun Facts

My next book, Fitzgerald Silver Dollar Collection – “The Purple Gang Set”, is getting some final touches before going to the publisher for print set-up and I have been closely watching the Fitzgerald silver dollar market on the auction sites and at coin shows.  If you are a Fitzgerald fan as I am or just a guy trying to bet on some rarities, here are a few things that I noticed.

Fitzgerald silver dollars are not always priced according to rarity.  Without a census or population report, collectors don’t have a barometer for pricing and rarity.  And that is why I am including a complete population report for the Fitzgerald collection in my book.  With this tool soon to be available to the educated collector, he/she can better determine if and what premium should be paid for a Fitzgerald silver dollar.

 For example, the 1887 Fitzgerald is the number one most found silver dollar with a population figure greater than any other Fitzgerald.  It even beats out the 1922 Peace dollar (the second most plentiful coin) in the Fitzgerald collection by an amazing 28%!  That is right, 28% more 1887 dated Fitzgerald’s were graded than the 1922 Peace dollar.  However, in the market place, the 1887 Fitzgerald is priced as if it was a tougher coin.

The second thing that surprised me was the pricing for the 1879-S Fitzgerald silver dollar.  It is not as rare as the market presumes.  Now don’t get me wrong, it is not real plentiful but the 1889 Fitzgerald silver dollar is much scarcer and can be found at a much smaller premium.  Actually, there are 154% more 1879-S graded by NGC than 1889 silver dollars in the Fitzgerald collection.  But yet the 1879-S pulls an undeserved premium while the 1889 silver dollars have a small premium. 
There are many other Fitzgerald silver dollar varieties that the premium or lack of is surprising when you look at the population statistics.  I have no doubt that my book will provide the Fitzgerald silver dollar enthusiast with an educated knowledge in collecting and purchasing for their collection.

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