Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Rick’s Pedigree Coins – Researching the Fitzgerald Collection

Half of the excitement of being a “Pedigree Collector” is assembling coins and memorabilia from your favorite collection.  The other half of the excitement is researching and learning the origination of the collection.  In researching the collection, you can investigate well beyond the discovery date of the collection and learn an exciting history lesson.  And I have found learning about the Fitzgerald Collection to be one of the most fascinating journeys that I have taken in researching pedigree coins.

Silver dollars from the Fitzgerald Collection are one of the best bargains in the collecting market today.  Common date/mintmark coins can be found at coin shows and on auction sites at normal market value for a similar non-pedigree coin.  Sure, there are those guys on Ebay who are asking $400 for a $65 Fitzgerald (or Binion, or Cal-Neva, or Baltimore Hoard) coin, but just don’t buy from them.  Be patient and you will soon see the coin offered for a market driven, economical price.   The Fitzgerald silver dollars could very well be investment sleepers and as more people expand their knowledge and interest in pedigree coins, the value could be ready for a nice increase.
If you are a Fitzgerald silver dollar collector or even specializing in pedigree coins, you probably know about the discovery story of the hoard in 2004.  You may also know that at one time Lincoln Fitzgerald had an association with the Purple Gang.  But now is where the fun begins as you continue to dig into Lincoln’s past and gradually uncover that his “alleged” association may have been more than the rumored bookkeeper.  And you also will learn a lot more about the notorious Purple Gang when Lincoln ran their illegal gambling activities for them in Detroit.  Finding out information like this, 70 years before the hoard in the warehouse was discovered, just makes the ownership of the pedigree silver dollars more exciting to have and to tell others about.

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