Sunday, February 9, 2014

Rick’s Pedigree Coins - Nevada Silver Collection

The Nevada Silver Collection consists of high grade Walking Liberty half dollars of which most have exceptional eye-appeal.  Pictures I have seen of half dollars from this collection fall short in doing justice to the beauty of the coins.  Once viewed in hand, the beauty and definition of the coins exceed what photographs show.  Other coins (Mercury dimes, Morgan dollars, etc.) seem to receive fair representation when photographed, but the Walking Liberty in the Nevada Silver Collection is evasive to having a good photograph taken.

For a long time, the origination and story of this collection remained a mystery to the collector.  There was speculation that it was associated with the Binion Hoard.  After all, NGC was the authenticating numismatic agency and it did have the familiar cowboy label used on silver dollars from the Binion Hoard.  But nothing concrete could be found to validate that suspicion.  Then, on December 5, 2012, Michael Webster wrote in the LA National Security Examiner in his article “Sin City the death of Ted Binion”, in part about the hoard:

“A special tag and designation was created by NGC to make these coins stand out as coins with a pedigree.  In addition to the special tagging, the silver dollars were marked with the words Binion Collection and the half dollars were marked with the words Nevada Silver Collection.”

What is puzzling about this revelation is that Spectrum Numismatic International purchased the Binion Hoard and assigned the marketing rites for the hoard to Goldline International, Inc.  However, in Goldline’s marketing of the Nevada Silver Collection they would not admit that the half dollars were from the Binion Hoard but claimed, “Their story, their owner, and even the location of the sale of these coins all remain unknown”.  So why the deversion tactics by Goldline?  Who knows, but it seems to follow the trend that many coin promoters have in trying to keep the pedigree originations obscure. 
An NGC popuplation report for this collection is not available so it is impossible to define a set or establish a rarity value.  This may be a blessing for the collector because most coins are sold at normal market value for like coins without a pedigree.  This makes the Nevada Silver Collection an economical set to put together or for the casual collector to acquire for historical value.  And the exceptional eye-appeal of one of the most beautiful coins minted is a bonus.  

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