Sunday, February 16, 2014

Rick’s Pedigree Coins – Fitzgerald Collection – Don’t forget the casino chips!

I think one of the most beautiful and exciting sets to collect is the Fitzgerald Collection.  The silver dollars have exceptional eye-appeal for “stashed” coins and the original owner has a fascinating life story. 

Lincoln Fitzgerald started his gambling career by running the Chesterfield Club for the Purple Gang in Detroit.  The Purple gang was one of the most ruthless mobster organizations of the time period.  No one stacked up to these guys when it came to murders and kidnappings.  It has been reported that they were the “hit team” in the Chicago St. Valentine’s day massacre.  In high profile kidnappings, their name has been mentioned in the Lindberg baby case, John Labatt (brewing) kidnapping and plans to kidnap Edsel Ford. 
Shown here is a set of casino chips used at the Chesterfield Club (Detroit – Purple Gang illegal casino) when Lincoln Fitzgerald managed the club:

(Cost of a original/authentic set of Chesterfield Club gambling chips = $75 - $100 mas o menos)
Towards the end of Lincoln’s career in the gaming industry, he built and opened Fitzgerald’s Casino & Hotel in Reno.  Shown below is an authentic set of chips used at the casino when it opened.
(Cost of original/authentic Fitzgerald gambling chips = $100 mas o menos)
So if you are a Fitzgerald collector, “don’t forget the chips” because they really balance out your collection. 

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