Thursday, December 19, 2013

Rick's Pedigree Coins – The Great Montana Collection

Great Montana Collection – Mistrustful of banks, George Bouvier of Deer Lodge, Montana, hid 8,000 silver dollars and other coins he accumulated during his lifetime in his house walls. He also buried coffee cans full of coins under the floor of his shop. On his deathbed, he told a young friend about the hoard. The youth later told Bouvier's relatives, whose search turned up over 17,000 coins.  Littleton Coin Company acquired the hoard and had enough Morgan dollars from the purchase to assemble 500 all-mint sets of 1921 Morgan silver dollars.  (Source:  An undated Littleton Coin Company article on coin hoards.)
My example from the Great Montana Hoard is an 1885-O graded MS63 by NGC.  It has very good eye-appeal and a nice strike.

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